Retail spendingMore still spent on mothers gifts.

Australians are set to spend to $800 million on Father’s Day, but fathers are still getting short changed compared with mothers, research from the National Retail Association has shown.

The average spend on mothers for Mother’s Day is $70.40 compared with $51.60 for fathers, said NRA CEO, Dominique Lamb. However, retail sales for Fathers’ Day has grown steadily in recent years, she said. “In the lead up to Father’s Day in 2015, we saw a growth in national sales of over 2%, and we expect this trend to continue in 2016. National sales for Father’s Day have grown from $701.1m in 2012 to more than $768m in 2015.” Lamb is predicting sales this year will exceed $783m, an increase of $15m on the 2015 figure.

As usual, hardware and electronic gifts rank high on the gift list, with these items traditionally accounting for more than 20% of all Father’s Day expenditure.