Siemens coffee machineAs its first smart small appliance.

The EQ.9 connect is the first free-standing fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens Home Appliances to go online. Individual coffee preferences can be planned in advance with the coffeePlaylist thanks to the Home Connect app, while individual needs can be catered for with the baristaMode function familiar from the EQ.9 s700.

The coffeeWorld feature allows international coffee specialties to make their mark on the domestic coffee scene.

The fully automatic EQ.9 connect from Siemens is now Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via a mobile app. The operating platform is the Home Connect app, which can already be used to control the household oven or washing machine.

An entire coffeePlaylist can now be compiled on tablets and similar devices so that each coffee satisfies individual taste preferences. Thanks to baristaMode, details such as aroma intensity, temperature, or coffee-to-milk ratio can be adjusted. The fully automated machine starts up at the touch of a finger.

The coffeeWorld is the gateway to exceptional taste experiences with 16 international coffee specialties. Coffee afficiandos can be inspired in the recipe area of the app to cook and bake. Both sweet and savory recipes featuring coffee as the main ingredient are offered.

In addition, remote diagnosis is offered thanks to the connection with the Home Connect system to deliver a full-service solution. All basic settings (such as water hardness) can be performed conveniently from the couch or dining table. The digital operations for use are also included as well as additional coffee know-how or valuable tips and tricks.

Coffee lovers can choose between two bean varieties with the dualBean system – for example, decaffeinated and “normal” coffee or an Espresso roast and a pure single-origin coffee. Two bean containers with separate grinders guarantee a pure taste with no blends.

The milk container is practically integrated in the stainless steel body to give a sophisticated look. Both fresh milk and long-life milk can be prepared at the same time. The new milk frother supplies a firm, fine-pored milk froth every time.