The halls and corridors buzz with excitement at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.
The halls and corridors buzz with excitement at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

The cafes are loading up on freshest beans, the food court is stocking the cupboards with rice and beans and the exhibitors are preparing to bump in the thousands of small and large appliances, TVs, digital knack-knacks and Bluetooth speakers — so many Bluetooth speakers!

The 2014 HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) is quickly approaching. The 4-day conference runs 13-to-16 April 2014 at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. Over 3,250 exhibitors are expected at this fair, showcasing thousands upon thousands of prototypes, ready-to-land models and far out, what were they thinking products. The organisers claim that 90,000 buyers attend this show.

“Innovative electronic gadgets and technology services are increasingly changing our daily lives nowadays,” said HKTDC deputy executive director Benjamin Chou.

“In the upcoming Electronics Fair, we are very excited to launch three new product zones including 3D Printing, Baby Tech and i-World, while for the ICT Expo, there will be two new zones called ‘Telecom, Network & Data Centre’ and ‘Mobile & Digital Marketing’.

“Exhibitors and buyers will be able to explore new product categories and expand their businesses through this global trading platform of the year.”

3D printing should be an especially interesting product zone as these incredible new devices filter down from commercial applications to consumer retail. Last week, Officeworks became the first major retail chain in Australia to retail a 3D printer and it is likely that other appliance and electronics retailers will soon follow.

Inside Source: How the technology sausage is made in Hong Kong

One of the most interesting areas of this show is the Small Order Zone, which allows for smaller suppliers and retailers to source products in micro-lots, from as low as 5 pieces up to 1,000. This Zone is popular with independent retailers and suppliers looking to exploit event or catalogue sales activity.

For interested parties in Australia looking to amortise the cost of flying to Hong Kong for this show, it is important to that running concurrently with this Fair is the roll-off-your-tongue Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) Electronics and Appliances (‘Phase 1’), in Guangzhou, from 15-to-19 April 2014.

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