Mark Taylor for Fujitsu General.
Mark Taylor for Fujitsu General.

Australia’s favourite gum-chewing, Ashes-winning, PlasmaVision pronouncing spokes-cricketer, Mark Taylor, has re-signed with Fujitsu General for a further five years.

Mark Taylor has been the face of Fujitsu since 1998 — when he was still captain of the Australian cricket team — and this new deal will take him through to 21 continuous years as Fujitsu General’s brand ambassador.

Here is Fujitsu General national marketing manager Marc Cheah:

Fujitsu General is pleased to confirm Mark Taylor will continue as brand ambassador.

Fujitsu enjoys a high level of industry and consumer awareness and support, which has enabled the brand to hold the number one position in Australia for a long time. This is in part due to Mark’s endorsement as well as his popularity as a well-known sporting identity.

Mark has become an integral part of the extended Fujitsu General network and we know our customers will be delighted this partnership will continue.

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This is an excellent outcome for Fujitsu General. We’ve all seen celebrity endorsements come and go with barely a whimper. Does anyone remember who Geoff Jansz sponsors these days? And Jamie Oliver seems to put his name on anything. And then you have the Z-Graders that will go to the opening of an envelope — I met a clutch of them at the Samsung GS5 launch last week — but I wouldn’t be able to pick any of them out of a line-up today.

Mark Taylor is instantly recognisable, friendly, respected, approachable and extremely charismatic. He is as comfortable meeting prime ministers and royalty as he is chatting with dealers and floor sales staff. He is without doubt the most successful and impactful brand ambassador in the market today. Well done to Fujitsu General on securing his services for another five years: it’s a lot of money very well spent.