By Claire Reilly

First Gaggenau, then De Dietrich – now German cooking appliance brand Neff is getting into on the high-end induction category with the launch of FlexInduction cooktop.

Like the Gaggenau CX480 and the De Dietrich Le Piano before it, the FlexInduction cooktop detects what cookware is placed on the surface and adjusts the heating element to suit the situation, so that “everything can be shifted around as needed,” according to a Neff spokesperson.

“The FlexInduction-Zone automatically detects pan sizes and positions and heats them exactly where they’re located,” the spokesperson said, “While technologically advanced oval inductors ensure optimal heat distribution allowing for an evenly heated cooking surface.

“As a result, the home cook has total flexibility in choosing what, where and how they cook.”

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The cooking surfaces reduces basic cooking times by up to 25 per cent, or up to 55 per cent when the PowerBooster function is used. It also features Neff’s TwistPad one-knob control – a single, removable magnetic switch that can be moved for cleaning or to keep controls out of the reach of children.

The FlexInduction will only heat if a pot is detected on the surface, so it stays cool when not in use, and it also features a child lock.

The cooktop is available in two sizes – 60 centimetres (T44T43N0, RRP $3,199) and 90 centimetres (T44T97N0, $4,299).

The 90 centimetre FlexInduction Cooktop.

The 60-centimetre FlexInduction Cooktop.