By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: Dubbed by Netgear as the ‘ultimate home getaway’ this router uses dual band technology to reduce interference and increase speed making it suitable for steaming HD video and multiplayer gaming. 

The device is highly compatible and connectable: it has a built-in DSL modem with Gigabit WAN and Ethernet ports, two ports for USB storage access, and a DNLA media server. The N600 (RRP $299) also features a broadband usage meter to monitor internet traffic and usage as well as parental controls.

Brad Little, senior director of consumer sales channels at Netgear ANZ, said that consumers’ increasing connection and consumption of online media makes wireless routers indispensable to the modern household. 

“With so many connected devices in the home, people now expect more from their Internet experience. A wireless router isn’t just a way to share a broadband connection but an essential tool to deliver new social, entertainment and mobile communication experiences,” said Little.

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“The Netgear N600 is redefining the role of the router, offering faster Internet speeds so you can enjoy the best possible experience on all of your connected devices.”