Intuitive new features include toll road avoidance routes as well as mapping of services and amenities, all backed by 2GB of memory


The OLIN 4.3-inch in–car GPS provides the latest navigational technology to guide you on any route you take in Australia. Backed by 2GB of memory and with an intuitive touch-screen display the OLIN 4.3 inch in – car GPS is the perfect dashboard companion to ensure you get to your destination quickly and without hassle.

Featuring updated Australian maps to make sure that you drive via the most efficient route, whether you’re on suburban streets or exploring the outback. Supporting extensive Australian maps is a flexible route selection system allowing drivers to select either a faster time, shorter distance or, if you’re feeling adventurous, off road.  Add to this the mapping of services such as hospitals and service stations and you will never be lost again!

With auto route recalculation, OLIN’s 4.3 inch in – car GPS will make sure you’re going the right way, no matter which unexpected obstacles appear. Voice guidance allows for greater road awareness, by reducing the time drivers spend looking at the screen.

With the OLIN 4.3 inch in – car GPS speeding alert function, coupled with comprehensive speed camera mapping, there is never an excuse for breaking the speed limit.

The OLIN 4.3-inch in–car GPS is all you need, no matter where the road takes you.

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