By Claire Reilly

The ever-popular MasterChef franchise is set to be boosted next month thanks to the MasterChef Live event which will hit Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries.

Aside from punters getting the chance to see celebrity chefs, former contestants and the ubiquitous Gary and George cooking up a storm, they will also be interacting with De Dietrich cooking appliances, with the French brand set to be the sole provider of appliances at the event.

According to De Dietrich brand manager Belinda Toner, MasterChef Live will be a great way to showcase products and increase brand exposure.

“With MasterChef Live, it’s a lot about getting our name out there," said Toner. "We will have the De Dietrich Celebrity Theatre there which is going to be having cooking demonstrations on it with all the celebrity chefs. Next door to that, we’ve got 100 square metres where we’ll have Jacques Reymond doing a couple of cooking schools and Alvin Quah from the second series of MasterChef.

“On top of that, any appliances that are used throughout in all the other cooking schools are going to be our appliances as well.

“Throughout the year we sponsor the Taste festivals where we are aiming for the AB demographic and the high-end consumer. Masterchef Live gives us access to a full range of demographics because it is such a popular brand name, so it’s giving us full exposure to all sorts of consumers.”

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De Dietrich will be pushing its flagship induction range at the Sydney event, with consumers in the cooking schools getting the chance to get up close and personal with the appliances and learn about the benefits of induction.

“We’re going to have 24 people in each class and they’re going to actually be touching, feeling and using our products,” said Toner. “A lot of people aren’t actually aware of induction and what it can do, but we’ll have them using it, showing them how quick it is, how easy it is to use and clean, and giving them hands on exposure to our products which is always good.

“Induction is one of those products that’s in the mindset – people are so used to gas and it’s such a different mindset. But once you use induction and you realise how easy it is and how quick it is, you find most people say ‘I don’t want gas, I want to buy an induction’.”

MasterChef Live will run from 7 – 9 October at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries, with a program of events including master classes, junior workshops, food and wine matching, skills workshops and more.