By Patrick Avenell

Tim Cockayne today resigned as CEO of Retravision Southern, concluding his 3.5 year stint at the helm of the group.

Cockayne was appointed CEO of the Retravision Southern, which includes Victorian, Tasmanian and southern New South Wales members, in March 2008. He had previously been the managing director of jewellery retailer Goldmark.

During his time as CEO of Retravision Southern, Cockayne has worked to cement Retravision Southern’s relevance in an increasingly tough market. His time as CEO included the selling off of the McKnights stores acquired by Retravision prior to him becoming CEO and the completion of an 18-month brand development program with external consultants.

At the conclusion of this program, Cockayne announced a new Retravision logo, the imminent arrival of an online sales website and the move to uniformity in store layouts and livery across the Southern network.

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Earlier this month, Cockayne seemed buoyant and committed to the cause when discussing his work to reinvent Retravision for the modern consumer.

“We have reinvigorated the brand to allow the company and its members to be more in line with today's consumer and their expectations,” he said.

In addition to working on Retravision’s brand and website, Cockayne had also been instrumental in the establishment of a commercial division, which was launched earlier this month with former Clive Peeters general manager Mike Coen as its foundation CEO.

"We expect the Commercial Division will gain immediate traction and see this as an additional revenue stream to further reduce costs at a store level," Cockayne said at the time.

No announcement regarding Cockayne’s replacement has been made.