By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Toshiba has today launched a new series of LCD and LED TVs, kitted out with a range of technologies including face recognition software and 3D viewing.

Discussing the range was Toshiba Australia general manager information systems division, Rob Wilkinson.

“With 13 new products in the line-up, each delivers an outstanding image quality and a range of convenient features for the home, all at great value,” said Wilkinson.

“As a proud sponsor of the Rugby World Cup, 2011 in New Zealand, Toshiba is introducing its new line up into stores just in time for kick-off so consumers can take home the latest AV technology to enjoy all the action from the game in true-to-life experience.

“The new feature-rich TV models launched today are designed for people looking for the highest quality viewing experience in the home,” Wilkinson continued. “Clever technology such as the intelligent 3D system and active shutter 3D glasses combine to create the ultimate in Full HD, 3D viewing.

“Plus Toshiba’s ClearScan 400Hz and 200Hz technology also makes movement appear completely smooth and realistic, and helps to optimise the 3D effect.”

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The products range from the Regza AV800A 32-inch HD LCD TV (RRP $599) with Full HD playback and HDMI and USB connectivity, up to the high-end Regza WL800A Active 3D Full HD LED TV (46-inch RRP $2,329, 55-inch RRP $3,179, available early September).

The Toshiba WL800A.

Thanks to a camera embedded in the television, the WL800A offers face recognition technology that indentifies the viewer in front of the TV and remembers their personal viewing preferences.

“Personal TV Auto Face Recognition can store up to four different viewers’ settings and automatically deliver their personal pre-sets, including picture settings, volume preference and channel lists to each viewer,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“Toshiba’s WL800A range offers also another outstanding technology, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). This technology allows viewers to share HD content on their TVs via direct cable connection from mobile devices, allowing them to choose their entertainment options.”

Both the Regza WL800A active 3D TV and the Regza VL800A passive 3D TV were designed by internationally-renowned designer Jacob Jensen, whose previous credits include work with Danish AV company Bang and Olufsen.

The complete Toshiba range is listed below:

Regza WL800A 46-inch: RRP $2,329.
Regza WL800A 55-inch: RRP $3,179.
Regza VL800A 47-inch: RRP $2,229.
Regza SL800A 32-inch: RRP $999.
Regza SL800A 42-inch: RRP $1,379.
Regza SL800A 46-inch: RRP $1,899.
Regza AV800A 32-inch: RRP $599.
Regza LV800A 32-inch: RRP $679.
Regza LV800A 40-inch: RRP $899.
Regza EL800A 26-inch: RRP $599.
Regza EL800A 32-inch: RRP $779.
Regza HL800A 32-inch: RRP $849.
Regza HL800A 42-inch: RRP $1,179.