By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Samsung’s new range of monitors is set to hit stores, with the company announcing the local availability of the 3D-capable SA 9 Series, Smart Hub-enabled TA 9 Series and Central Station (CA 5) monitors.

According to Emmanuele Silanesu, head of IT, Samsung Electronics Australia, the monitors are designed to meet the increasingly-advanced needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

“With the growing amount of 3D content now available, from TV to movies to gaming, enthusiasts and developers are demanding high functionality and capability when it comes to monitors,” said Silanesu. “Consumers will be able to enjoy the latest in display technology and have access to great local content through Samsung Smart Hub.”

The 23-inch and 27-inch SA 9 Series monitors offer Full HD (1920×1080) playback with the ability to play a variety of 3D content including movies, video games and user-created content such as videos and photos.

The monitors are able to process 2D content and render it into 3D in real time, allowing them to be used in conjunction with regular PCs as well as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and set-top boxes.

The SA 9 Series monitors feature an asymmetrical design with a slim metallic finish, and feature displays designed to respond to ambient light and user proximity. The 23-inch monitor (SA23950) is RRP $549, while the 27-inch (SA27950) is RRP $699.

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The TA 9 Series monitor builds on the specs of the SA 9 Series with a 170° wide viewing angle, built-in Full HD tuner, DLNA and HDMI compatibility and an internet connection that allows access to Samsung’s Smart TV features. This connectivity allows users to browse sites such as YouTube and Facebook or download apps from the Samsung Apps store.

The asymmetrical TA 9 Series monitor (TA27950) is available for RRP $799.

Finally, Samsung’s CA 5 Series monitors (available in 23-inch or 27-inch models) “serve as a hub that easily connects a user’s laptop to a range of compatible devices without the hassle of plugging and unplugging multiple cables every time”.

After the initial setup, devices can be connected with just a USB connection (the monitor supports USB 3.0) for quick and easy use. The Samsung CA 5 Series monitors are for RRP $599 (CA27550, 27 inch) and RRP $429 (CA23550, 23 inch).

The CA 5 Series monitor.


The asymmetrical SA 9 Series monitor.