By Claire Reilly

In the battle between gas and induction, Ilve has opted to straddle the divide with the release of its latest freestanding oven and cooktop.

The Ilve Dual Fuel Gas and Induction 90cm Upright Oven sits in the brand’s Quadra freestanding appliance collection and is designed for consumers who “traditionally love a gas cooktop but [are] feeling wooed by the slick look and technology of induction”, according to an Ilve spokesperson.

The cooktop features four gas hobs surrounding a central induction cooking surface, with a removable tepanyaki hotplate that sits on top of the induction surface. The two-zone induction hob offers the benefits of rapid heating and immediate temperature control, as well as the option to cook with or without the tepanyaki plate.

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The four gas hobs include a triple-ring wok burner, and each burner features flame failure cut-out safety, recessed spill trays, and cast iron trivets and burner caps made from matt black cast iron.

“Down below, the oven incorporates chef quality features that will delight any aspiring home chef or want-to-be kitchen master,” said the spokesperson.

“Culinary heights once thought unobtainable are now within reach thanks to a giant 110 litre capacity and features such as the pizza, bread and pastry cooking settings, rotisserie and Quickstart preheatingfunction, scorching from 0-180ËšC in only 8 minutes.”

The oven also features a “catalytic cook and clean roof and interior” as well as a triple-glazed door for cooler temperatures.

The Ilve Dual Fuel Gas and Induction 90cm Upright Oven is available for RRP $8599.

Ilve's new cooking appliance offers consumers the convenience of gas and induction cooking.