By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: The XV-Z17000 has a contrast ration of 40,000:1 and up to 1,600 Lumens for image brightness. It also features typical connectivity with two HDMI terminals, and inputs for PCs, HD set top boxes, Blu-ray players, DVD players and game consoles.

Denis Kerr, Sharp deputy managing director said, “Many homes are now being built with the option of a media room and we’re seeing a trend in families naturally opting for premium projectors to fit these spaces and give them the ultimate cinema-like viewing experience at home.”

“3D requires a big screen to give viewers the full effect and this new 3D DLP Theatre Projector brings the experience once only available in cinemas, to the home.”

Consumers will pay almost $11 per inch for projections on 500-inch screens.

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The projector also features a sliding lens cover, a Kensington security standard connector and a security bar for antitheft, low standby power consumption and an expanded lamp life when operated in eco mode.

The Sharp XV-Z17000 is available now at RRP $5,499.