By Patrick Avenell

Nespresso has launched a new variety of coffee for its super-successful range of closed capsule coffee machines. Called Dhjana, this ‘grand cru’ carries a AAA sustainable rating.

Comprised of Arabica beans from Costa Rica, Brazil and Colombia, and Robusta beans from India, Nespresso recommends serving Dhjana as an espresso. On the Nespresso intensity rating, Dhjana scores an 8 out of 10, making it a good choice for flavoursome pick-me-up in the morning or early afternoon.

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Here’s Nespresso Oceania general manager Renaud Tinel.

“Dhjana showcases four of the regions that take part in our AAASustainable Quality Program, allowing consumers to savour each unique flavour, note and taste,” he said. “The launch of Dhjana is an opportunity for us not only to bring a new flavour to coffee-lovers, but also to educate environmentally-conscious consumers on what Nespressois doing to better the environment.”  

Tinel said there was a growing market for sustainable coffee in Australia.

“We are constantly working to protect the future of our Grand Cru coffees and doing so by helping the livelihood of farmers all over the world.

“More so than ever before, consumers want to understand how the products they buy are affecting the environment.

“Nespresso is proud to support environmental sustainability and has committed to source 80 per cent of its coffee from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program by 2013.”

The new Dhjana grand cru is available from today from Nespresso Boutiques and through Nespresso’s online portal.

Nespresso Dhjana is a limited edition sustainable grand cru.