By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Audio manufacturer AKG has added some serious clout to its headphone offering with today’s revelation of a new range of products endorsed by Quincy Jones.

The latest in a line of many celebrity-endorsed headphones (by the likes of Dr Dre, Lady Gaga and teen heart-throb Justin Bieber) the Quincy Jones Signature Line features three models of headphones, each available in black, white and lime green.

Jones was effusive in his praise of the partnership.

“Music is so much more than notes on a sheet of paper,” Quincy Jones said. “When it’s created with passion, with soul, we get something that is greater than ourselves – and it can move us deeply. Throughout my entire career, I have trusted only AKG to deliver the highest standard of sound – the same standard I hold myself to when I make my music.”

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According to an AKG spokesperson, the headphones “all boast distinctive AKG-built quality and unrivalled audio engineering in an elegant design, so music lovers everywhere can experience sound the way the artist intended for their music to be heard.”

The range includes three models: the Q350 in-ear headphones, the Q460 high-performance portable on-ear mini headphones and the Q701 reference-class premium over-ears, to be distributed in Australia by Audio Products Group.

The lightweight Q350s offer the basics (iPhone compatibility with communication kit, carry case and cable winder) while the Q460s offer iPhone compatibility along with a “unique new 3D-Axis 2 folding mechanism for easier portability”, according to AKG.

At the top of the line of Quincyphones are the Q701s. Made in Austria and individually tested and numbered, these headphones feature flat-wire voice-coil technology, Varimotion two layer diaphragms for sound performance and offer minimum distortion.

But like followers of Dre, Gaga and the Biebs, users will pay for their Quincy Jones fandom – the top of the line AKG headphones sell for RRP $799.

The Q350 In-Ear Headphones in black, RRP $149.


The Q460 High-Performance Portable On-Ear Mini Headphones, RRP $249.


The Q701 Reference-Class Premium Over-Ear Headphones, RRP $799.