By Adam Coleman in Melbourne

MELBOURNE: At an event within its showroom in Fitzroy, Sampford & Staff displayed new products from its high-end Revox brand, which was recently re-introduced into the Australian audiovisual market, along with the company’s Mirror Image range of LCD module integrated mirrors.

On display from Revox was the Multi-Room System, a 250 GB modular audio system which enables users to connect up to 32 rooms using only one audiovisual unit, allowing varied audio to be played in different rooms.

This system features a user interface not-unlike an ipod and enables consumers to quickly and easily load their CD collection onto the hard drive to listen to in any room in the house and also includes a DVD player.

“In choosing a multi-room audio brand, we searched for several elements that are consistent across all products that Sampford & Staff represent such as quality, reputation, innovation and ease of use. It is these factors that make Revox the perfect brand,” said Sampford & Staff marketing manager, Michael Van Raay.

“Having pioneered multi-room audio in 1983, Revox continues to be a leading manufacturer of high end home audio solutions.”

Sampford & Staff also showcased its new Mirror Image products, which consist of an LCD display (with built in analogue TV tuner) and an intelligent cabinet system that is flush mounted to the back of the mirror, giving the impression that the mirror/glass is the viewing surface, not the LCD behind it.

When not in use the screens images completely disappears behind the mirror.

Prices range from $6,699 for a 10.4inch bathroom mirror TV to $24,000 for a 46 inch screen designed for a living room application. The screen was also displayed within the splashback of a cooking area with numerous applications available.

The Revox modular systems range from $9,999 for the M51 basic system analogue to $14,999 for the digital version, which comes equipped with five amplifiers and the Multi-room module MKIII for music in up to 32 additional rooms.

Both the Revox range and the Mirror Image products will have a select distribution.