By Keri Algar

PERTH, WA: Rick Hart, the executive chairman of Kitchen Headquarters said online sales will play a key role in the retail space in Australia.

“Online is going to become part of the market,” Hart told

Hart said that retailers who are not embracing online or don’t have plans to include online retail as part of their forward strategy could be left behind.

“Even now it’s a developing part of the market and I think as buyers move into mature age they’re going to very focussed on buying online.”

Kitchen HQ opened their doors in Perth less than a year ago, and while the premium kitchen dealer has an online presence, it does not sell online. Hart said the company will wait and watch how space develops before entering online retail.

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“We don’t have an online offering at present but it’s certainly within our strategy that we’re working on and developing. It will come in time. We’ve got it on our radar but we don’t want to rush into it.”