By Patrick Avenell

Logitech Australia has today followed the lead of brands such as Apple and Sony, opening up its own online store to sell directly to consumers.

In a change of channel strategy for the well-regarded Swiss accessories supplier, Logitech plans on integrating its online store into its current retail based distribution model. With a number of traditional, established retailers struggling to organise and implement a competitive online proposition, Logitech’s decision to cut out the middle man – in the online space at least – is justified by director George Saad as being in response to demands by consumers.

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“We are committed to giving our customers choice and convenience when it comes to purchasing Logitech products,” Saad said.

“We’ve had feedback from customers that they want the option to buy directly from Logitech, so the opening of the Logitech Australia online store is very much a customer-driven initiative.

“Logitech has products that appeal to people from all walks of life, so it’s important that our products are easily accessible along each of their journeys, whether that be [through] a physical store, an e-tailer or direct from Logitech.

“Ultimately, it’s about meeting our customers’ shopping habits to give them the best purchasing experience possible.”

A number of bricks and mortar retailers have been contacted for comment.