By Patrick Avenell

Digital set top box scams feature prominently on the new Scam Buster app released by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading, available free for the iPhone and for Android devices.

According to the app, which strives to give users “information on many different types of scams received through the following methods: face-to-face, internet and email, telephone and addressed mail”, digital set top box scams are now so prevalent they deserve their own sub-category, alongside travelling conmen, dodgy car salesmen and pyramid schemes.

“Door-to-door traders promise residents a government rebate if they buy one of their digital television set top boxes,” says the app. “The traders falsely claim to represent the government.

“The scammers exploit the fact that Australia will replace analogue free-to-air TV signals with digital signals in the future. As a result, TV viewers will need digital set top boxes or in-built digital tuners in order to watch free-to-air television in the future.”

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The app continues to say that although the government has reserved cash to fund the installation of set top boxes for some qualifying Australians, primarily senior citizens, this is a scam that should be avoided and reported. Conveniently, the Scam Buster app includes a function for reporting suspected scams.

For more on the new Scam Buster app, check it out for either iPhone or Android.

A screenshot of the new Scam Buster app.