By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: International Dynamics Australasia has today announced its appointment as Australasian distributor of Podio audio systems.

Created in Taiwan, Podio’s super-mini mp3 player and speaker units offer “hi-fi quality sound” in a unit that’s designed for on-the-go use (including cycling) according to IDA marketing coordinator, Rosanna Rink.

“Podio was created as a solution to provide high quality sound while eliminating the risk of bike riding with earphones, which cut out ambient noise,” said Rink. The small design allows cyclists to mount the unit on their bicycle handlebars and enjoy music while they ride, whilst still remaining aware of surrounding traffic.

Designed for outdoor use by cyclists, as well as joggers, campers and picnickers, Podio can also be used as a desktop speaker for the home or office.

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The Podio range includes the Portable Active Speaker (PS-106), the Bike Audio (BA-205), and the top-of-the-range Luminadio (LA-306) which combines the convenience of a small mp3 player and speaker with the added safety benefit of a bright white LED torch.

Like all the audio systems in Podio’s range, the Luminadio is made from a single piece of aluminium (designed for indoor or outdoor use), and it also features a 100Flux 3-mode LED CREE light. The super-bright LED provides up to 9 hours of continuous light, or more if used in flashing mode.

Rink said the Luminadio mp3 player and speaker unit offers strong sound for its small size.

“The Luminadio’s active speaker system features a high quality Foster miniature full range driver that produces an open, loud and lively sound with a surprising bass. Its micro amp design also allows optimum performance throughout the battery life,” said Rink.

Speaking to about Podio’s appeal, product manager Michael Thornton-Smith said he expects the product to be very popular with Australian consumers.

“We think the Podio’s applications in camping and hiking will be of interest to people who do those activities,” Thornton-Smith said.

“It’s an outdoor oriented product and Australians are so much into their outdoor activities that I can see it will be of interest to people in all different pursuits. Bike riding is an obvious one, camping is another, even just going out for walking and exercise – it has applications everywhere.”

IDA is in discussions to begin distribution of Podio in major bike stores and outdoors stores, according to Thornton-Smith, with a website for online sales due to be up on 1 July.

The Luminadio (LA-306) is RRP $149. At 11.2cm in length, the unit is portable and ideal for use on a bicycle.