By Patrick Avenell

Retailers who install Panasonic’s new 360 Degree Security Cameras from Pacific Communication to monitor in-store activity can earn ‘Panadollars’ to spend on future purchases. These cameras are part of the Panasonic Business Systems Group’s (BSG) range.

There are two new models in Panasonic’s dome network security camera range, the WV-SF438 (RRP $899) and the “vandal-resistant” WV-SW458 (RRP $1,089).

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We asked if Panasonic BSG had any special offers for its retail partners.

“Yes,” replied a spokesperson. “Panasonic BSG offers competitive special project pricing, and also works together with System Integrators to roll out full security solutions, as opposed to just providing the cameras for typical CCTV surveillance applications.

“There is also currently a promotion running where retailers who purchase selected Panasonic Security products directly from Pacific Communication accrue “Panadollars”, which can then be redeemed for a range of Panasonic business products. The promotion will run till March 2013.”

From the Panasonic BSG media release:

“Several different viewing and monitor modes for both the WV-SF438 and the WV-SW458 allow security personal to observe an entire space, as if they are physically in the room.

“When the camera is installed on the ceiling, the entire area under and around the camera is displayed as two 180 degree panoramic images.

“If the camera is installed on a wall, the 180 degree area in front of the camera is displayed as one panoramic image.  This eliminates the blind spots that normally occur at the left and right sides of the image when using a regular 104 degree horizontal wide-angle camera. In addition, a Quad PTZ Mode allows four images in all directions from the camera installed to be displayed on the one screen, with an easy to view entire 360-degree fisheye image at the side of the display.

“In addition, the WV-SW458 has a vandal resistant mechanism for superior reliability in higher crime areas.
“The WV-SW458 is also IP66 rated for water and dust resistance, can operate at extreme temperatures between -40° and 50° Celsius, and is approved up to the EN 50155 standard for safe use on trains.”

The "vandal-resistant" WV-SW458.