Miele has officially launched its two new benchtop automatic espresso coffee machines: the CM Series.

Comprised of the CM 5000 and the CM 5100, these two machines mark a change in caffeine strategy for the German manufacturer, which was previously focused on integrated units. Although the design has changed, Miele reports the technology hasn’t, with the CM Series retaining the same brewing pump and unit heater as its CVA 5000 built-in machines.

Both a stylish black with a silver pouring unit, the two CM 5100 is differentiated from the 5000 by the incorporation of a preheating element for coffee cups and an electronically controlled steam valve for programming milk and milk foam quantities.

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Features of both machines include four portion sizes (espresso, coffee, double espresso and double coffee), grind control and a height adjustable spout to accommodate different size cups.

One of Miele’s major brand propositions is reliability. To that end, Miele reports that these machines have been tested to make “up to 50,000 cups of coffee or espresso”. At three cups per day, that works out at around 45 years.

To assist in cleaning, the CM Series has a removable percolator that can be washed under water and the frother can be dismantled for rinsing.

The CM 5000 (RRP $1,999) and CM 5100 (RRP $2,299) are available now.

The new Miele CM 5100.