By Patrick Avenell

German appliance auteur Gaggenau has released a new built-in fully automatic coffee machine, the CM 250.

This machine can make the full range of popular coffee varieties, such as espressos, lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccino, in less than a reported 45 seconds. This is due to Gaggenau’s continuous flow heater, which is able to maintain a constant high brewing temperature.

“Meeting every individual wish requires more than just an outstanding coffee machine, it calls for the instinctive touch and years of experience of a professional barista,” said a very enthusiastic Frances Lynch, brand manager for distributor Sampford IXL.

“Coffee is brewed in precisely the optimum time frame of 30 seconds, yielding the maximum extraction of oils, which means there’s less chance of creating bitterness or acidity in your coffee.”

Lynch said the CM 250 can be fully integrated with Gagganau’s BO, BS and WS 200 series of appliances. This unit also has a hot water tap included, with a choice of water temperatures, so tea drinkers are also accommodated.

The CM 250 is RRP $5,499.

The new Gaggenau CM 250 (RRP $5,499).