By Patrick Avenell

Jabra has today announced the release of its latest Bluetooth stereo headset, the Sport.

Compatible with most smartphones, the Sport can make and receive calls from up to two paired devices, whilst also playing the audio from media, such as the phone’s MP3 player.

This release is focused on users who like to stay connected while being active, with Jabra promising that the Sport is rain, shock and dust proof. It recommends using it while cycling, rowing or running, though presumably not all three at the same time.

Here’s Jabra ANZ regional sales manager Karen Powell.

“Jabra’s research has shown that 75 per cent of people claim the greatest drawback of traditional headsets to be the fact that they fall out of their ears when they’re on the move,” she said, citing no actual information about this research.

“When you combine this with the fact that adding music to your high-intensity workout can increase your endurance by about 15 per cent, the Jabra Sport is an ideal solution for those who crave a headset that is more robust and rugged than the norm.” has asked Jabra to provide evidence to support these claims.

UPDATE: A Jabra spokesperson has contacted us to say that the 15 per cent claim comes from Dr Costas Karageorghis from the Music in Sport Research group at Brunel University in England.

Features of the Jabra Sport include wireless stereo sound, up to 4.5 hours of talk time and 3 hours of music playback, 3.5-millimetre jack and 1-year limited warranty.

The Jabra Sport is RRP $149.

SECOND UPDATE: This article originally featured an image of different Jabra Sport product. The below image is now correct.

The new Jabra Sport.