The e&s Chadstone showroom will host the inaugural ‘Women of e&s’ event, sponsored by Electrolux on Wednesday evening.

The Women of e&s initiative was instigated in December 2021 by e&s category manager Linda Soto, Prahran store manager, Pina Cala, and head of A&D and trade partner, Lauren Mastoropoulos. 

The purpose of Women of e&s is to inclusively support and guide the career progression of all e&s employees to increase leadership diversity within the business.

The launch event will deliver a line-up of speakers who will kick off a critical conversation about the “people who have believed in us”.

Often people believe in us before we believe in ourselves, according to e&s general manager of talent and wellbeing, Nicola Crocco. “The people who believe in us often see our unique strengths and talents before we see them or know them ourselves,” she said.

“It is then often those people who also demonstrate their belief by opening doors to opportunities, flexibility and career progression, therefore playing a key role in supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds to step into leadership roles they may not have considered otherwise.”

The line-up for the evening includes guest speakers from e&s and Electrolux, talking about their own experiences of people believing in them as part of their career journeys:

  • Nicola Crocco – general manager of talent and wellbeing, e&s
  • Peter Barry – general manager of merchandise and marketing, e&s
  • Linda Soto – category manager, e&s
  • Matthew Ryan – safety manager, e&s
  • Sarah Gibbs – human resources director, Electrolux
  • Christina Kumcevski – marketing director, Electrolux

The Women of e&s initiative will provide e&s employees with the opportunity to belong, network, mentor, seek out mentors, and participate in professional development programs. It is a forum for pioneering new ideas, resources, programs, events and creating connections that give every employee access to opportunities and resources.

“When everyone in our business feels they can bring far more of themselves to their jobs and contribute their unique perspectives and talents, we can create a strong sense of belonging where everyone can thrive, in their own way,” Soto said.

The Women of e&s will be hosting ongoing quarterly networking and training events addressing key topics.