By Patrick Avenell

Hybrid TV, the licensee of TiVo in Australia, has broken its unusual silence today to announce it has released a limited edition 1TB hard drive model exclusively through Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne.

Since launching locally in 2008, Hybrid TV had normally been one of the most active and public suppliers, holding regular public relations events fronted by its foundation CEO Robbee Minicola. Since downsizing its office late last year, Hybrid TV has kept a particularly low profile.

As recently as last month, Hybrid TV was not returning phone calls and its once separate office phone number was being redirected to part-owner Channel Seven.

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Today’s announcement, which was sent directly from Channel Seven, marks the first official communication regarding TiVo since a 35 per cent price cut in November 2010.

The new TiVo XL (RRP $699) will go on sale at Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayn and Domayne (all part of the Harvey Norman Holdings group) on Saturday 12 November 2011.

This device is advertised as capable of recording 350 hours of SD content or 150 hours of HD content. The TiVo XL will also provide access to Caspa, TiVo’s on-demand internet streaming service.

Although TiVo will not work with pay TV channels, such as those on Foxtel, it will work with all free-to-air stations, including the multichannel options, such as Gem, Go and 7Mate.