Winning Services, the logistics arm of the Winning Group, has been awarded ‘Best Last-Mile Sustainability Initiative’ at the National Online Retailer Association (NORA) Sustainability Awards.

Winnings Services’ take-back scheme for appliances, mattresses and packaging, which aligns to the Group’s mission to provide the best experiences in the world, for the world, was acknowledged at the recently held NORA Sustainability Awards.

Winning Group head of sustainable business and corporate social responsibility, Alice Kuepper said, “We are delighted that Winning Services and our free removal and recycling program has been acknowledged at the NORA Sustainability Awards.

“Through our free removal and recycling service, we have helped to recycle more than 80,000 tonnes of electronics and appliances since 2005, and in the last 12 months, extended our service to include the recycling of mattresses and product packaging.

“This is especially impactful for expanded polystyrene (EPS), as there is currently no solution for the general public to recycle expanded polystyrene at the kerbside, meaning most EPS goes into landfill. Our recycling program tackles this problem by providing a convenient, streamlined solution for our customers and suppliers to prevent problematic EPS from going into landfill.

“Since the launch of our product packaging take-back initiative, we have diverted over 3000 tonnes of packaging waste from landfill.”

Winning Services general manager, Mick Bunt added, “We are incredibly proud to have been awarded ‘Best Last-Mile Sustainability Initiative’ at the NORA Sustainability Awards. Since 2005, we have tapped into circularity and leveraged our reverse logistics capability, which includes the ability to service 95% of the Australian population, to launch an industry-first free appliance removal and recycling scheme.

“Winning Services currently helps recycle more whitegoods than any other logistics provider in Australia. In the past 12 months, Winning Services has extended its scheme to include mattresses and packaging at no cost to customers. A huge thank you must go to our warehouse and delivery teams around Australia, who not only provide our customers with legendary care, but who are also integral to the success of our sustainability initiatives.”