By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Dick Smith wants to own the consumer IT and computer space, with no plans to expand its range of FMCGs such as CDs and DVDs, according the general manager Debra Singh. Furthermore, Singh said she does not believe Apple will abandon its retail partners.

Speaking to at a fundraising event for the World’s Greatest Shave, Singh said whilst audio visual and panels were a key component of Dick Smith’s connectivity story, the main focus now is on IT hardware and peripherals.

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To that end, the Dick Smith store on George Street (Sydney), which hosted today’s event, is fitted out with a particularly large range of PCs and Macs, all located at the entrance to the store — clearly the prime real estate.

When asked about the recent conjecture over Apple’s support for retail groups, Singh said she was not worried about Apple pulling out of third party chains, laughing off the three year benchmark that has been bandied around in the press. When asked what Apple was like to deal with, she said dealing with the Cupertino giant was no different to dealing with the other PC suppliers.