TV sales have been strong over the last couple of years and in 2022, consumers continued to gravitate towards premium products, which for LG, translates into OLED TV sales, according to LG Electronics Australia head of sales for home entertainment, Josh Marshall.

“In 2021, OLED TVs recorded value growth of 85% with a further 25% growth in 2022. Essentially, one in every five dollars spent within the TV market was on an OLED panel last year,” he explained at the LG TV and AV launch event.

“Black Friday and Boxing Day in particular were strong sales periods for LG. In 2023, the economic environment has shifted but there’s still an appetite for premium products. We want to make our premium offering accessible to more Australians with competitive pricing across the range.

“We are launching our 42-inch C3 OLED TV at $2,699 and our flagship 83-inch G3 OLED TV at $10,999. We expect OLED to play a crucial role in our TV range, forecasting even further growth in 2023.”

2023 marks 10 years of OLED leadership for LG globally and the milestone will be celebrated by the company this year, according to LG Electronics Australia marketing manager for home entertainment, Tony Brown.

“We are proud to be setting the bar for home entertainment in Australia. 10 years ago, when we launched OLED, we step changed the TV market with OLED technology, which has been improved year-on-year,” Brown said.  

“We want to drive more technology, picture quality and design into Australian homes. We are expanding the functionality and design of our OLED TVs in 2023. We have also made our user interface experience simpler and more personalised.”

New brand vision and brand identity

LG Electronics Australia marketing director, Gemma Lemieux explained the company’s marketing focus for 2023.

“At CES this year, LG unveiled its brand vision, Innovation for a Better Life, which emphasises our focus on Life’s Good. We also just announced our new brand identity, which is fresh, exciting and authentic, but also highlights our core brand philosophies around customer experience, human-centric innovation and warmth to power a smile,” she said.

“The brand vision and brand identity will manifest themselves through our products, allowing people to personalise their experiences within their environments. Our brand identity will come to life in a number of campaigns focused on the younger generation – an emerging and important customer segment for LG.

“Our renewed focus on communities and the environment is also important for us. Over the past several years, LG has donated $1.9 million to those in crisis or in need, including NSW Fire & Flood Recovery Program and organisations such as WIRES and Good360. Over the past three years, through our LG Local Legends program, we have rewarded 44 individuals from 778 nominations.

“Last year, we partnered with Ronald McDonald House for the first time. We rewarded 11 individual volunteers through our LG Golden Hearts program and donated $260,000 worth of home entertainment, home appliances and air-conditioning solutions to refit houses around Australia.”