By Claire Reilly

Turkish appliance giant Beko launched its new range for the Australian market in Sydney today, showcasing 62 products in 6 categories that will be available exclusively in Narta stores from January 2012.

The company, which already acts as an OEM supplier to several brands in the Australian market, is part of the established Turkish parent company Arçelik Group. The third largest appliance company in Europe, Arçelik Group employs 72,000 people worldwide and sells products in more than 100 countries.

Industry veteran and new managing director of Beko, Michael Goadby, was at the launch today discussing the strengths of the Beko brand, and why it was well placed to succeed in the Australian market.

“Australia is an economy that is going extremely well at the moment,” he said. “There’s certainly an opportunity here. And for the company to be looking at Vietnam and India, it’s logical that we get a base in Australia first.

“We are indeed the last major manufacturer to enter the Australian market place – there are no other major manufacturers of our size. We’re a major threat, we are a major opportunity, we have a huge range of products that are affordable and they are featured very well.”

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Goadby was also positive about the decision to pair with the Narta buying group.

“They are brand builders, they are also successful in their own right, and we see that as a great opportunity to build our business,” he said. "The Betta stores also give us a regional flavour around the countryside. So we are able to say that we are in a section of the market that covers close to 30 per cent of the marketplace.”

Beko’s initial offering in Australia will be across six categories: dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, front-loading washing machines and dryers.

Beko’s Turkish parent company also produces a range of other products – including small appliances, air conditioners and flat panel televisions – but according to Goadby, any plans to bring those products to the local market are still some way off.

Beko’s new head office will be based in Queensland, and will be the only office and showroom to be set up in Australia. Beko product will be sold in over 200 retail stores with support from more than 100 service centres, and prior to the hard launch in January, the Beko brand will go on a road-show to showcase its products to key industry representatives.

Beko's new range features 62 products, including fridges, dishwashers and ovens.