UnderCurrent isn’t all snarky and cynical negativism, sometimes it’s also so gobsmacked by a new product that it can’t help but bring its two hands together in a clapping-like motion. And the product that has wowed it so? Audeze LCD-3 headphones. ‘Headphones?! Another pair of headphones?!’ UnderCurrent hears readers shout — how could anyone still care about all the different brands of headphones flooding the market?

Well, UnderCurrent can’t think of any other time it has read such an outstanding piece of marketing spiel than the one accompanying the release of these headphones:

“This flagship headphone has been called the best in the world. With a sound reproduction that always sounds full, musical and spacious. They have powerful bass, a rich and engaging midrange, and a top end that pulls you into the music.”

Okay, that’s all boring and normal, but then…

“Make a statement with these headphones as the Audeze LCD-3 comes” — wait for it — “in Zebrawood Leather as well as Zebrawood Vegan for the environmentally conscious.”

That’s right: these headphones are made from a rare wood harvested from vulnerable forests in Gabon and Cameroon, with a vegan option for the ‘leather’ band.

Audeze is wholesaled in Australia by BusiSoft.
Audeze is wholesaled in Australia by BusiSoft.

And the price? Why, it’s a steal at only RRP $2,579!