Western Australia is another step closer to implementing a ban on e-waste disposal to landfill from next year, with a decision regulatory impact statement (DRIS) and report now available.

The DRIS outlines the key areas of the preferred implementation approach and provides an indicative plan to deliver the Cook Government’s election commitment to ban e-waste disposal to landfill from 2024, while the report summarises and responds to consultation held early this year.

The scope of items captured under the ban will include televisions, mobile phones, computers, laptops, screens, fridges, lighting and all batteries. This will complement existing national product stewardship schemes, support the local e-waste industry and focus on recovering high value materials such as metals.

Implementation of the ban will be underpinned by new regulations made under the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2007 and the Department is requesting comments on the proposed regulations at http://dwer.consult.wa.gov.au until 22 November 2023.

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation director of waste avoidance and resource recovery, Adrian Wiley said the publication of the documents was an important step in moving closer to one of the department’s key priorities, and he looked forward to seeing the outcomes from the current consultation of the proposed legislation later in the year.

“In July, $6.5 million was awarded to 21 projects to assist with the infrastructure necessary to support the ban. This funding and these projects are expected to divert more than 17,000 tonnes of e-waste from landfill, create more than 60 jobs and help WA to move closer to its goal of becoming a circular economy,” he said.