By Patrick Avenell

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, the French national day, so famous Gallic brands such as De Dietrich, Tefal and Saeco will be dusting off their blue and white striped shirts, picking up their poodles and affixing a string of onions around their necks as they celebrate all that is great about French culture.

In addition to watching Le Tour De France tomorrow night, De Dietrich will be celebrating the impending launch of its new induction range.

De Dietrich is distributed in Australia by Hagemeyer Brands. CEO Mark Bilton said he was amazed by what the new induction cooktops could do when he first saw them in France earlier this year.

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Bilton said that on these new cooktops, home chefs can have one pot boiling and one pot simmering, and then move them on the induction surface, and the cooktop will recognise which is which and continue at the same temperature.

Ambassador chef Jacques Reymond demonstrated the new cooktop, with the French-born Australian chef praising the heat-up time, the safety features and the precision of the temperatures cooks can set.

As for the Frenchiness of De Dietrich, Bilton said there was no doubt that modern Gallic history and De Dietrich were intertwined like rivets on the Eiffel Tower.

Formed in the 1600s, more than 100 years before the French revolution, the De Dietrich brand has serviced King Louis XIV and Napoleon during its glorious history.

Jacques Reymond demonstrating the new De Dietrich induction cooktop.