By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Stronger brand marketing and an increased online retailing offering – that will be the focus of the BSR Group as it builds on 50 years in the business and heads into 2012.

The parent company of Betta Electrical held its National Conference in Istanbul last week, outlining its business model for 2012 and the years ahead.

After reaching the 50th birthday milestone this year, BSR CEO Graeme Cunningham said the company was looking towards the future.

“Our strategy for 2012 is to refine and strengthen our branding and marketing, focussing on our key target audience and their needs,” said Cunningham.

“Our focus is firmly upon growing our membership to both of our existing brands – Betta Electrical and our furniture and electrical offering, Betta Home Living. We have also restructured our marketing and merchandising departments to ensure BSR Group’s goals are achieved in the most efficient and streamlined way.”

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In addition, BSR Group would continue to grow online following the launch of Betta Electrical’s dedicated online shopping portal in June this year.

“We have just expanded into online retail sales and we believe that this will become a key component of our company’s business in the future,” Cunningham said.

“Online shopping is a quick, easy and convenient solution for people who are time poor. Thanks to our new website, our customers can now shop in the comfort of their home. Online sales will help us expand our customer base throughout Australia.”

And while the Betta Electrical chain would be strengthening its online offering, Cunningham insisted that customer service would continue to be a top priority for the company.

“Exceeding customer service, at every point of the purchasing process, is our highest priority. It builds trust and establishes strong relationships with our customers,” he said.

Topics at the annual conference included extended warranties and rental, and the weeklong event also showcased the Betta Electrical retail and supplier awards.