The demand for data storage devices and services is increasing as the amount of data we create and consume across multiple devices continues to grow exponentially.

Keenly aware of consumer habits around data creation and use, WD have launched the My Passport Wireless, a Wi-Fi enabled storage drive that allows consumers to save, access and share stored content wirelessly with any smartphone, tablet, computer or other device.

Simon Whitford, WD senior regional marketing manager APAC identified a broad target market for this product; it has a use for anyone that owns a laptop, tablet or smartphone and needs a storage solution.

“We have spoken about in the past the shift from PCs and laptops to mobile computing and a lot of people carry their life around in their pocket. The way people create, consume and use data is changing, not only that, but people have multiple devices,” he said.

Multiple devices means there is an increased importance on having a way to centralise and share all your information, Whitford said.

Available in 1TB (RRP $249) or 2TB models (RRP $299), the My Passport Wireless drive broadcasts its own wireless network that allows up to eight devices to connect at the same time and access any content stored on the drive.

Further, files sizes are getting bigger as smartphone cameras create large video and image files, this Whitford said, is another factor growing the demand for digital storage.

The device has a USB port and a built-in SD card slot card slot to let users copy their content from the SD card directly on to the drive  — a useful feature for travelers wanting to back up photos after a day of sight seeing, or creative professionals who want to save their work while out in the field without bringing their laptops and bundles of wires.

Additionally, with integrated FTP, the drive connects to compatible wireless cameras so that users can automatically transfer photos from their cameras to the drive as they are taking them.

The WD My Cloud mobile app for iOS or Android mobile devices provides a way to navigate through the content on the device, providing reassurance that the black box has everything stored safely before deleting the originals.

By accessing the WD My Cloud app users’ can locate their content from multiple devices under a single interface.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of continuous streaming and up to 20 hours of standby power.

WD My Passport Wireless
WD My Passport Wireless

“As we celebrate its 10th anniversary, the success of WD’s My Passport line of portable hard drives is unprecedented,” explains Jim Welsh, executive vice president, WD content solutions business and worldwide sales.

“Our new My Passport Wireless drive continues the evolution, resolving a common problem for today’s mobile consumer; too many devices with limited storage and no way to offload their content and free up space on-the-go. Now, consumers will have one drive to easily store content from all their devices and enjoy that content anywhere they go.”