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By Claire Reilly

Miele has expanded its range of washing machines and dryers with yesterday’s launch of two new “Supertronic” machines that are designed to simplify the cleaning process.

The W 5000 WPS Supertronic Washing Machine features Miele’s new AutoDos system, which automates the dispensing of laundry liquid and powder in order to reduce detergent use by up to 30 per cent.

“In order to achieve detergent savings of up to 30 per cent, the AutoDos automatically delivers the correct amount of either powder or liquid detergent during the water intake process,” said a Miele spokesperson.

“Dispensing is simple, precise and clean as it adapts to the size of the load, the level of soiling, and the wash program selected to ensure economic washing by avoiding both over-and under-dosing.”

In addition, the Supertronic Washing Machine features a SteamCare function that reduces the need for ironing by up to 50 per cent by adding steam into the cycle. SteamCare can also be used to refresh and smooth clothing that has been worn once, or to prepare table linen.

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Also new to the range is the Miele T 8000 WP Supertronic HeatPump Dryer, which features a 7-kilogram capacity and 6-star energy rating.

“Equipped with a heat pump to heat the air, the T 8000 WP Supertronic Heat Pump Dryer features a gentle drying system which uses approximately half the energy used by a conventional condenser tumble dryer,” said the spokesperson.

The dryer features different motors for the drum and the fan, so that the direction of the drum can be reversed for gentler drying, and it is also capable of measuring residual moisture in washing to ensure that laundry comes out dry.

The W 5000 WPS Supertronic Washing Machine is available for a selling price of $4,999, while the T 8000 WP Supertronic HeatPump Dryer is available for $4,699.

The Miele Supertronic HeatPump Dryer (left) and Supertronic Washing Machine (right).