Fujitsu General national marketing manager Milton Kaloudis has this afternoon released the following statement for the supplier’s dealer partners and consumers:

“An article published today contained a number of totally incorrect and potentially damaging statements.

“The statements regarding the carbon trading emissions, staff hiring and the NBN were all totally false and misleading.

“We are not, and never have been, a signatory to a letter sent to the Prime Minister supporting the carbon emissions trading scheme. Nor are we planning to hire staff off the back of the NBN

“There is absolutely no basis for this story. It would appear that this publication has sourced something from overseas and written a story without any understanding of the Australian market or how Fujitsu General operates here. No-one from that publication contacted us to ask for a comment or check their facts.

“We hope that our business partners rely on more credible sources for information about our products, services and plans for the future.

“In regard to comments made about new air conditioners coming into the Australian and New Zealand markets, we will be releasing an accurate update when it is available to us.

“In the meantime, should any air conditioning dealers have any queries, they should contact me directly.”