By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Internet content security specialists Trend Micro have released a new app for iOS, Android and PC users, offering increased data security when transferring files.

Trend Micro SafeSync was launched yesterday, and is available for Windows, Mac, Apple iOS Mobile and Android. The app allows users to access different file types – including music, videos, pictures and documents – across a range of devices, whilst keeping them secure and in-sync.

“These days, the average consumer has many devices so it’s exciting that SafeSync will enable them to synchronise their files automatically and continuously, allowing users to access and share data wherever they are, through any web-enabled device,” said Tina Su, APAC product marketing manager, Trend Micro.

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The app is secured by Trend Micro’s datacentres with SAS 70 Type 2 certification and 256-bit SSL encryption, the same encryption used by many banks.

“SafeSync eliminates the need to manually move files from one PC to another, which is not only time-consuming, but increases vulnerability to data loss. The result is superior organisation of data and the ability to quickly and easily share albums via email, Facebook, Twitter or shareable link.”

The app also allows users to view previously saved versions of their files, and stream audio and video files via SafeSync without the need to download files onto a mobile device. It also offers remote access so “files can be accessed on the go from virtually any online desktop, laptop, smartphone or web device”.

SafeSync is available online in Australia and New Zealand in a range of data storage sizes: 20GB (RRP $39.95 per year), 50GB (RRP $59.95 per year) and 100GB (RRP $99.95 per year.