By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Whilst Berlin’s IFA consumer electronics trade show has been the platform for a variety of tech-focused product launches this year, the appliance category has also been well represented, with Samsung using the opportunity to outline its new strategy for Smart Appliances.

Samsung outlined six core elements that would underpin its new focus on “Smart Innovation in the Home,” including Smart Touch, Smart Control, Smart Grid, Smart Care, Smart Shopping and Smart Apps.

“‘Smart Appliances’ no longer refer only to Smart phone or Smart TV,” said a Samsung spokesperson. “‘Smart’ means the appliance will not only operate only own basic function, but the function will add additional value to consumers.”

The self-explanatory Smart Touch feature brings LCD touch screens to a range of appliances, including Samsung’s new side-by-side refrigerator (RSG309AARS) and French Door refrigerator (RF4289HARS).

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Smart Control allows users to control their Samsung Smart Appliances via text message when they’re away from home, while Smart Care is a built-in application that ensures Appliances can self-diagnose mechanical issues and tell consumers what steps to take to help fix problems.

For the ever-connected internet generation, Smart Apps and Smart Shopping bring internet access to the world’s first Wi-Fi connected refrigerator, accessible through the LCD screen. The applications include weather, radio, twitter and more, and the fridge can even be monitored in real-time through Smart Apps.

“Now, consumers can easily check the weather on the freezer’s LCD screen or be a professional chef with the help of a cooking application,” said the spokesperson. “Checking whether you are out of milk and shopping for it can be done at once on the LCD screen of Samsung’s refrigerator.”

Finally, the Smart Grid feature allows users to monitor and control the energy use of their appliances to help reduce energy bills.

In line with the intelligent announcements at IFA, Samsung also confirmed the launch of three new products to the European market, including a range extension on the Eco Bubble washing machine line-up and the new G-Series refrigerators.

The Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine.