Michael Jeanes, managing director at Miele Australia, has announced Miele’s financial outlook for 2009 and commented on how the current economic climate is not an excuse for failure.

Jeanes is confident that Miele Australia will grow in 2009, due to the rise witnessed in invoiced sales for 2008 and a strong order book across all divisions of the company.

Miele is remaining confident that despite these tough economic times, the company will continue to grow, and Jeanes was adamant that this crisis will prove to be an opportunity for the company.

“The economy is not an excuse to fail but an opportunity to excel. In the current environment, all manufacturers have the opportunity to become bigger, stronger and more successful by slimming down the non-value added services,” he said.

In regards to Miele specifically, Jeanes was also positive that they were well prepared to beat the competition.

“There is probably no other brand in our industry as prepared as Miele for the coming challenges. In the last few years we have invested heavily in additional overheads and capital projects to create a sustainable competitive advantage and become the brand of choice,” he commented.

In relation to first quarter expectations for 2009, Jeanes emphasised that this was traditionally a comparatively quiet period, but he was confident of further growth.

“Unprecedented demand for Miele washing machines and dishwashers has already placed serious stock pressure on certain models, whilst Miele’s range of integrated fridge/freezer combinations has already achieved record sales in their category compared to the same time last year,” he said.