Vitamix recently announced a national partnership with Nutrition Australia as part of National Nutrition Week, that saw the company joining vegetable growers and health food organisations, in a campaign to raise awareness on the importance of vegetables in health and wellbeing.

An educational message about using all vegetable parts and leftovers was a key component of the campaign. This was demonstrated at a media event in Sydney where chef and author Tom Walton showed how easily vegetable based meals can be made with Vitamix.

Reducing food waste and saving money was a key focus of the initiative, according to Nutrition Australia CEO, Lucinda Hancock who said this year’s ‘Try For 5’ campaign comes at a critical time for Australians when food waste is costing households more than ever before and the rising cost of living is hitting hard. “We want to find innovative ways to educate in this space, and so partnering with Vitamix is a really important component of our 2022 activity and beyond,” she said.

Social enterprise group Good & Fugly supplied the vegetables.

Vitamix brand manager, Melissa Lyras said the partnership with Nutrition Australia was a natural collaboration during a crucial time in the health and wellbeing of Australians.

“Thewide range of vegetable recipes that will be captured across this important week will be available to Australians all year round,” she said.

Statistics showed that affordability is impacting 72% of Australians vegetable consumption, and just 9% are eating the recommended five or more serves of vegetables daily. Also, that one in five bags of groceries end up in the bin, so the ‘Try For 5 2022’ message ‘use it all’ and ‘love your leftovers’ is timely.

Feature image: Chef and author, Tom Walton showed how easily vegetable based meals can be made with Vitamix at the Sydney event.