Vintec has recently launched a new app, OENO by Vintec, that enables wine connoisseurs to keep track of their wine collection and manage their cellars from their smartphone or tablet.

The app allows users to create an exact virtual replica of their wine cellar, to scan bottles using their smartphone camera and log them with their correct cellar placement.

Vintec has partnered with the number one wine app and world’s largest wine label database, Vivino, to power the OENO app. With Vivino’s AI label recognition technology, app users can take a photo of a wine bottle label to automatically identify and receive information about their wines including grape varietals, regional style, winery, vintage, tasting notes, Vivino ratings and more.

The OENO app also functions as a personal sommelier with the ‘What to drink?’ discovery tool that offers food-pairing suggestions based on the contents of the cellar, in addition to ‘expert cellaring and servicing recommendations’ developed with a team of international sommeliers for tips and information on how to enjoy wines at their best, including serving temperature, aging potential and aeration.

A new feature coming soon will be the ability to re-purchase and re-stock wine directly from the OENO app, powered by Vivino Marketplace.

Vintec global marketing director, Thomas Benhamou said there was a need for a simpler, more visual, and practical tool for managing wine collections.

“Bringing over 20 years of experience in developing climate-controlled wine cellars, OENO is unique as it creates a virtual replica of a wine cellar’s configuration and inventory. In addition, users can automatically identify and log their wines by taking a photo of the label – a big step up compared to the more traditional Excel spreadsheet in terms of experience,” he said.

The app has been designed as a complementary service for Vintec wine cabinet owners but is available for anyone to download, although with some limitations.