Videopro recently partnered with BigCommerce to support its ecommerce journey and has since experienced a 21.5% increase in customers, 38% increase in revenue and 12% increase in average order value from January to November 2022. 

“Everything we create is done with an evergreen design to ensure we can continually improve our processes and offerings as our business grows, as well as the needs of our customers evolve. To date, the results we have achieved with BigCommerce give us the confidence and determination for ongoing success,” Videopro managing director, Cameron Douglas said.

Why BigCommerce? A combination of speed and high comfort level for custom integrations.

“When looking for a partner, we knew that adaptability was key to our growth. Working with a like-minded partner that empowered us to try new ways of working and change traditional infrastructure was paramount for us generating greater revenue and customer acquisition – now and into the future,” he said. 

“BigCommerce’s desirable synergy on a cultural level was attractive to us, which ultimately made the build experience and ongoing relationship solid. Support is always accessible, and as a business, they shared a joint motivation for each other’s success.”

As Videopro looks to its next phase of growth, it’s committed to adding further benefit and service to customers through new features and digital functionality.

“We will focus on continuing to develop the B2B arm of the business, a significant area for us. This will allow us to increase both our revenue and customer base, as well as provide dedicated management and call-out services. Now that we’re on a steady growth trajectory, we’re feeling more motivated than ever, which is a great feeling for a 42-year-old company.”

Prior to BigCommerce, Videopro’s storefront was hosted on a restrictive ‘.net’ platform, which limited them from digital growth, according to BigCommerce vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific, Shannon Ingrey.

“Together with our agency partner, Matter Design & Digital, Videopro incorporated custom elements across their entire tech stack, with our headless architecture as the foundation,” he said.

“Headless ecommerce allows businesses to modernise at pace, which is crucial in our ever-changing digital environment. Being able to make changes or updates to the back end of your website without disrupting the customer experience is critical to keeping shoppers engaged and loyal.

“Videopro has total control of managing content and commerce. Add our open API architecture, large and growing set of pre-integrated apps, multi-storefront and ongoing commitment to composable commerce and Videopro is set for ambitious growth and staying power.”

BigCommerce’s partner ecosystem also allowed Videopro to experiment with technology.

“For instance, marketing automation platform, Klaviyo, search and discovery engine, Algolia and product information management solution, Akeneo accelerated Videopro’s digital transformation into a powerful store that boasts premium backend efficiency alongside an exceptional customer experience at every point of the user journey.

“Having flexibility was key, as experimentation with different integrations and services enabled Videopro to discover what worked best for them to develop the B2B side of the business, while also growing B2C services too.”