By Claire Reilly

LG was out to promote its new 3D TV range today, revealing the results of a recent series of consumer blind-tests that showed 4 out of 5 people prefer LG to rival brands, and announcing a new partnership with Red Bull TV.

During October, 4,060 consumers were asked to rate the LG LED 47-inch LW 6500 model against the Samsung 46-inch LED D6600 and the Sony 46-inch LED EX720, with 82 per cent of consumers preferring LG’s passive 3D experience over the other brands’ active 3D.

“Throughout the year there has been significant debate about the benefits of passive technology versus active technology in 3D TV entertainment,” said LG Electronics Australia home entertainment service marketing manager, Tim Barnes. “LG decided to go with passive technology in our Cinema 3D TVs as we believe it provides a more comfortable viewing experience for consumers.”

“The purpose of the Cinema 3D Challenge was to allow consumers to experience both formats first hand and let us know which one they preferred,” said Barnes. “What the Cinema 3D Challenge has told us is that consumers prefer LG’s Cinema 3D TVs over other leading LED 3D TV brands.”

From this testing (which the company said was inspired by the "renowned Pepsi challenge") LG has developed a new “4 out of 5” marketing campaign to be promoted in cinemas, online and at the retail level, aimed at driving home the benefits of LG’s 3D technology to retailers and consumers.

At the retail level, LG is running a limited cash-back promotion for its 3D Cinema Smart TV range, with up to $300 cash back on offer to 5,000 eligible consumers. The offer is available to consumers who purchase a selected LG Cinema 3D TV as well as an additional LG product such as a Blu-ray player.

In addition, LG has partnered with sunglasses brand Oakley to produce “the world’s first optically correct 3D glasses”, allowing for peripheral viewing and the upgrade of a traditionally boring accessory with Oakley’s street-wear aesthetic. The Oakley glasses will be available as a premium up-sell for retailers (available for RRP $159.95) alongside the less expensive LG passive 3D eyewear.

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LG also announced a new partnership with Red Bull TV today, with Red Bull set to provide a free television app exclusively for LG Smart TVs. The app will bring a range of content to LG Smart TVs, including the traditional Red Bull catalogue of extreme sports and adventure TV, as well as “culture” content such as fashion, art and film – both from Red Bull and third party providers.

Speaking about the app, which is set to be launched live on the LG platform by the end of the month, Barnes said it was a positive step for LG.

“The partnership between LG and Red Bull on the world’s first launch of Red Bull TV on a TV platform further highlights our commitment to providing innovative content relevant to Australians,” he said. “With the launch of the Red Bull TV service on the LG Smart TV, LG Australia now outnumbers leading TV competitors by 67 per cent in local content and apps available to our Australian customers.”

In blind testing 4 out of 5 consumers chose LG 3D TVs over Samsung and Sony.

As part of a new partnership, the Red Bull TV app will be launched exclusively on LG Smart TVs.