By Patrick Avenell (Follow me on Twitter)

Apple’s aggressive Retail Store opening campaign will be hitting Hornsby in Sydney and Southland in Melbourne next, with the Apple’s local office currently accepting job applications from would-be Geniuses.

The Southland store is most likely to be in the Westfield complex, which is in Cheltenham. This would also continue Apple's intruiging habit of placing stores in suburbs being with 'Ch'. Already Apple has stores in Chatswood Chase, Chadstone, Charlestown and Chermside.

Hornsby, which is a surburb on the northern fringes of Sydney, is a famously conservative suburb.

In addition to these two new locations, Apple is also accepting resumes for its Penrith store, opening this Saturday.

Careers on offer in an Apple store include Creative, Specialist, Store Leader and the famous Genius title.

Based on quotes from an Apple spokesperson in Australia, the American manufacturer and retailer plans on opening a new store somewhere in the world, on average, every 50 hours, before the end of September.

A screen grab of the Apple website where you can apply. There is no listing for cult leaders (!).