By Claire Reilly

Dyson recently released its newest vacuum cleaner, and the first to feature ball technology in a barrel model – the DC39. The vacuum represents the latest in the series of technological and design advances from the company, many of which have been overseen by Dyson designer Charlie Park.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer magazine, Park said spoke about the strong culture of innovation and improvement at the company, led by the eponymous James Dyson himself.

“It’s probably the best known design-focused company in the UK,” said Park. “The culture is both competitive and relaxed: everybody is there because they have a passion for design.

“If we were willing to settle for second best [or] mediocre designs then they are not going to get out the door, because James wouldn’t have any of it."

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Before the DC39, Park worked on the DC12 which was designed specifically for the Japanese market, as well as the first machine to be released in the United States, the DC17. The new ball technology in Dyson’s latest release is, in many ways, an improvement on the models that have come before.

“We’ve now crammed in all these other assemblies, so the air ducts – they’re now inside the Ball – this yolk which holds the cleaner heads to the Ball – that’s now inside the Ball – and all of this stand mechanism – that’s now tucked inside the Ball as well.

“We are just trying to integrate technology that is useful to the user and that’s how we end up with the products we have here.”

To read the full interview with Charlie Park, pick up the November issue of Appliance Retailer magazine.