Freedom to do other things than housecleaning

The eternal struggle between the drudgery of housecleaning but wanting to live an exciting and full life has been made a lot easier. Coming home to perfectly clean floors is now a reality.

With its innovative 3D Vision SystemÔ, the Electrolux PUREi9 accurately scans the room to steer clear of obstacles.  Together with its 3D mapping navigationÔ, it cleans in a structured and efficient manner, avoiding cleaning the same area many times.  Not only that, but the PUREi9 vacuum can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone, The PUREi9 app lets you customise a learning schedule, check status and control the vacuum cleaner at any time.  So, wherever your day take you, relax knowing you’ll return to a clean home.  This advanced and clever machine thus not only makes cleaning easier, it also saves time and increases independence.

The full cleaning process now being taken care of

The ability to rely on the cleaning capacity of the robot has been an important factor for Electrolux when developing PUREi9 and thanks to the smart charging and resuming system, PUREi9 does not struggle with finding its way back to where it stopped cleaning after recharging. Rather, when returning to the base automatically for charging, the robot will resume cleaning where it had previously stopped and is thus able take care of the full cleaning process without supervision.

The ClimbForceDrive™ and advanced detection system also helps to prevent it from getting stuck on carpets, under furniture and prevents it from taking a fall down the stairs, whereas while the 3D mapping navigation guides the way to an accurate and effective cleaning path.

A unique design for the modern home

Modern homes can sometimes pose a challenge in terms of cleaning, with complex furbishing and numerous edges and corners. With Electrolux PUREi9 this has been taken into account Electrolux PUREi9 understands this struggle – the unique triangular Trinity shape™ and PowerBrush thoroughly cleans along walls, around obstacles and in corners. With the modern home in mind, PUREi9 also offers a unique look and feel with a contemporary color palette and material selection.

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