V-ZUG is rolling out its new CombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand to the Australian market via Winning Appliances. Part of the Excellence line, the 90cm combi-steam oven is now available in Winnings Redfern and Richmond, with Northmead to follow this month.

The Grand allows home cooks to prepare large dishes or cook multiple foods at once. Inspired by professional techniques, the combi-steam oven delivers automated cooking technology and double-sided heat distribution to ensure even and consistent cooking results, as well as ease of use.

Featuring high-quality materials and an elegant, minimalist design with a discreet handle, the optional AutoDoor opens and closes automatically. The CircleSlider is engraved into the glass, allowing intuitive operation and precise control. While cooking, the CircleSlider displays the progress of the cooking process.

The EasyCook function assists in the automated preparation of over 250 dishes. Depending on the type of food, it suggests cooking options to achieve the desired result. The Regeneration function combines steam and hot air for quick, easy, healthy and reliable reheating of meals. In addition, Vacuisine utilises the traditional water-bath sous vide method replicated using steam only to avoid over or undercooking.

Commenting on the launch, V-ZUG head of marketing, Sally Lukey said, “The CombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand takes our proven history and expertise in combi-steam cooking to another level. The capacity is incredible. The functionality, from a cooking perspective, gives the home chef everything they would expect; like the technology of automated programs to cook and reheat, for even browning when baking and the versatility of steam for proofing, preserving and sous vide.

“The form is also at the forefront without compromise. Externally it’s stunning with the Excellence look and feel, including the CircleSlider, the subtle yet statement making mirror glass and tactile single piece handle all complementing the new proportions of the 90cm size. Inside, it’s aesthetically pleasing but again blended with performance featuring the patented TwinFan and additional grill. It is a true statement on both a culinary and design level.”