V-ZUG has put its Excellence line on display for the first time at EuroCucina in Milan, following its initial launch in November 2021, led by the 90cm Excellence Oven which features a unique touch display.

“Our design team wanted to create something tactile – and the beveled glass provides haptic feedback complemented by a beautiful drag-and-drop graphical user interface that is available across all products in the Excellence built-in oven range,” V-ZUG managing director, Nic Naes told Appliance Retailer.

“Customised functions are available to disable or bring forward features of the product to match the customer’s profile and preferences and this can also be managed using the dedicated app on a mobile device.

“When we launched Excellence late last year, we expected it to do well but it has exceeded our expectations. For the first two years of the pandemic, we were relatively immune to any product delays or stock issues and we did better than most – partly because we are so constrained and focused on keeping our production in Zug and we are less reliant on production all over the world, with smaller volumes and smaller production compared to other companies.”

The V-Zug team: Nic Naes, Kate Scanlon, Sally Lukey, Penny Barclay & Aaron Haynes.

At the time of the Excellence line launch, V-ZUG also introduced an unconditional 10-year warranty across all V-ZUG products.

“This warranty does not just apply to the Excellence line – but all products in the V-ZUG range – even wets and items like refrigeration that are running 24 hours a day – which is a powerful statement we wanted to make to the market. Under that warranty – we cover labour and parts and things that typically would be considered as a consumable – such as a lightbulb,” Naes explained.

“We can do this because we are comfortable and confident that our failure rates are very low. Being a niche and boutique brand that is experiencing good growth, there is a contained quantity of our products in-market compared to some other brands so we can offer the white-glove service that other brands may not be able to deliver. The 10-year warranty is part of the after sales experience to deliver genuine peace of mind and through our partnership deliveries of products is something that the Winning Group looks after beautifully for us.”

Feature image: Nic Naes with the 90cm Excellence Oven.