By Claire Reilly

SYDNEY, NSW: Panasonic Australia has today announced the launch of a new cordless phone that boasts Power Failure Talk System technology – a system that allows users to make calls during a blackout.

The 662 DECT Cordless Phone Series features a single-handset pack (KX-TG6621ALB) and a twin-handset pack (KX-TG6622ALB). By placing one of these handsets on its power base and using the speakerphone, users will still be able to make and receive calls.

Both packs feature Panasonic’s Equaliser Optimisation technology that allows users to adjust bass and treble sound levels to a comfortable pitch while using the phone, as well as Long Range Clear Sound error connection technology that ensures clear and sound with fewer interruptions.

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According to Charissa Sano, product manager – home communications, Panasonic Australia, the phones offer consumers plenty of benefits at an affordable price.

“We are very excited to provide Australian consumers even greater functionality in their cordless phone, with easy-to-use, industry-leading features and stylish design,” said Sano.

“Panasonic recognises that home communication continues to play an important role in the lives of our consumers and we are committed to meeting this demand with a comprehensive range featuring impressive battery life as well as reliability and greater security and comfort for our customers.”

The 662 Series phones feature rubberised grips, 1.8-inch LCD display and a phonebook function that stores up to 100 contacts, whilst also offering Call ID and Call block features.

The 662 Series Single-Handset Pack (KX-TG6621ALB) is RRP $69.95, and the Twin-Handset Pack (KX-TG6622ALB) is RRP $99.95.

Panasonic's 662 Series cordless phones.